MITS 4×4 Outfitters



With qualified auto electricians, mechanics and accessory fitters on hand, MITS 4×4 Outfitters can tackle just about any job you have in mind for your 4×4 and adventure vehicle. Whether the job is big or small, you can rest assured you will be getting nothing but the best people working on your vehicle. With a high attention to detail, we treat every vehicle like it is our own and go the extra mile to make sure that we complete the job to the highest standard.


If you want to run a fridge or camp lights in your 4WD, chances are you have considered fitting a dual battery system to your vehicle. A dual battery system is the best way to ensure reliable, safe power for your 12V accessories in your vehicle. We can install everything from simple secondary batteries, right through to complex 12V systems that provide power for off grid and remote travel applications.

Are you chasing a 12V fault around your vehicle? Not sure where to start or stuck in the middle of a fault finding exercise? With decades of experience in the 12V industry across just about every vehicle, our qualified auto electricians are ready and waiting to help you solve the problem. Whether its your daily driver, work truck or heavy vehicle, we can help you cut your downtime and get you back on the road.

Are you looking to purchase a new bull bar, suspension or roof rack, but don’t have anyone to install it for you? MITS 4×4 Outfitters can both supply and install a huge range of 4×4 accessories in our workshop, taking care of the hard work for you, so you can get back to the important job at hand – planning your next adventure. For a complete list of accessories that we offer click here

Getting ready for your next adventure? MITS 4×4 Outfitters can help you prepare for your trip with a pre-trip inspection. We can report on the overall health of your vehicle, provide advice on preventative maintenance and list areas of concern so you are as prepared as possible. Contact us today to find out more.

Have you recently purchased a caravan or are you looking to fit out a pre-existing van? We can sit down with you to understand your requirements and tailor a 12V solution that ticks the boxes for your off-grid camping requirements.

Does your pride and joy need a new 12V system, or an overhaul of a current setup? We can set up your rig with all manner of 12V lighting, new switch panels, pumps, sound systems and much more to make sure your next trip is the best it can be. Talk to us to tailor a solution to your needs.

Have you recently purchased a canopy, but haven’t gotten round to doing the 12V system yet? Not sure where to start?

We can provide advice and expertise on what systems would meet your requirements depending on your application. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a MITS Alloy tray and canopy package, we are ready to work on your canopy setup, regardless of the manufacturer. Talk to the team today to begin the process of getting your canopy fitout underway.

Considering a brand new vehicle build?

MITS Outfitters can manage the entire build process for you, including the purchase of the vehicle from the dealer through MITS 4WD Motors (MD License No#MD080726).

Talk to us today to coordinate your dream vehicle build. Click here to find out more.

Are you looking to carry more weight on your vehicle LEGALLY?

The allowable payload on most modern 4WDs seems great on paper, but gets quickly eaten up when accessories, gear and passengers get loaded in.
Remaining under the vehicles Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) can seem like an impossible feat.
MITS 4×4 Outfitters has a range of GVM UPGRADES to federally certify components to increase your vehicle’s GVM. Maximise your allowable payload without risking your roadworthiness!
Each complete GVM kit has been extensively tested to ensure ADR compliance is maintained.